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Image by Toa Heftiba

Income Protection Benefit

Would you or your dependants cope in the event of your long term illness or disability? Income protection will provide you with a regular percentage of your income to maintain your lifestyle, until the point where you are able to return to work, retire or pass away.

Think about it – you are more likely to be off work sick than you are to pass away before retirement. It could be argued that this is the most essential cover available. If you are sick or injured, this insurance will enable you to pay your bills and provide for  you and your loved ones. Even if your budget is tight – we will help you prioritise which cover is right for you. Being unable to earn is less of a worry when you know your wages are protected.

It’s vital that you understand the policy you are taking on to protect you whilst ensuring that it is affordable. We spend a lot of time on budget planning and prioritising the cover that is most relevant to your individual needs. 

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